Storing Seasonal Equipment

Storing Seasonal Equipment

Hydrotex Essentialube should be used before you store seasonal equipment such as grain combines, corn pickers, cane cutters, cotton pickers, motorized haying equipment and all related equipment. using Hydrotex Essentialube will ensure your engines will operate when they come out of storage. Just follow the following steps:

1. Add two (2) ounces of Hydrotex Essentialube for each gallon of fuel capacity in the tank and then fill the tank with fuel.

2. Next, flush the crankcase, drain out old engione oil, and replace the oil filter. fill engine crankcase with a mixture of half Hydrotex Essentialube and half engine oil (use recommended SAE weight). run engine for eight (8) to ten (10) minutes at a fast idle. do not race engine. Shutoff engine and drain engine crankcase immediately.

3. Change the engine oil filter and refill crankcase with fresh engine oil. We recommend Hydrotex high-performance engine oils.

Subsequent Treatments: Use one (1) gallon of Hydrotex Essentialube to each 250 to 300 gallons of fuel.

Initial Treatment: Use one (1) ounce of Essentialube to each gallon of fuel. Hydrotex Essentialube may be put into the tank before or after filling with gasoline or diesel fuel.

Subsequent Treatments: Use ½ ounce of Essentialube to each gallon of fuel.

After using Hydrotex Essentialube-treated gasoline for 1,000 miles or 25 engine operating hours, improve performance further by re-gapping the spark plugs to standard setting and adjusting the carburetor or fuel injection and engine timing if necessary. Future engine tune-ups may then be performed at extended intervals.

Hydrotex recommends changing the fuel filter element after using Hydrotex Essentialube treated diesel for 1,000 miles or 25 engine operating hours.

Hydrotex EssentialubeHydrotex Essentialube is an excellent cleaner and lubricant for outdoors enthusiasts. it can be used for all firearms, fishing equipment and other outdoor sporting equipment. a few drops of Hydrotex Essentialube on reels helps provide lasting lubrication protection. Gunsmiths recommend Hydrotex Essentialube as a superb gun bore cleaner and firearms lubricant.

Hydrotex Essentialube can be used as a multi-functional burner cleaner for use in residual fuel, furnace oils, distillates, etc. it facilitates the combustion of tank sludge (having a high BTU content), which would otherwise not be completely burned. this improves overall fuel economy.

Hydrotex Essentialube helps prevent the build-up of carbon and gummy residues on burner tips, fire walls, boiler tubes and heat exchangers. this reduces the expense and downtime of fireside cleaning, and the cleaning of tanks, burners, fuel filters, etc.

Because residual fuels have high sulfur content, they tend to produce a large volume of damaging residues. this makes Hydrtex Essentialube especially important for saving energy and promoting an efficient operation.

Hydrotex Essentialube is particularly recommended for use in Bunker C Fuel, kerosene, distillates, furnace oils, Residual Fuel no. 3, Residual Fuel no. 4, Residual Fuel no. 5, and Residual Fuel no. 6.

For regularly scheduled preventive maintenance, use one (1) quart of Essentialube to each 50 gallons of fuel or one (1) gallon of Hydrotex Essentialube to each 200 gallons of fuel. For purging burners, walls and heat exchanger tubes with exceptional amounts of carbon and tanks with large accumulations of sludge, use two (2) quarts of Hydrotex Essentialube to each 50 gallons of fuel.

Use Hydrotex Essentialube for Preventing Rust on Exposed Metal

Hydrotex Essentialube is an excellent anti-rust compound and may be applied by brush or spray to all metal exposed to the elements. Coat discs, fertilizer spreaders, garden and hand tools and other pieces of equipment during idle periods.

Use Hydrotex Essentialube for Improving 4-cycle and 2-Cycle Engine Performance

Essentialube is excellent for use in boat motors, snowmobiles, motorcycles, lawn mowers, chain saws, etc.

For all 4-cycle engines, use one (1) ounce of Essentialube to each gallon of fuel. For 2-cycle engines, use two (2) ounces of Hydrotex Essentialube to each gallon of the gas and oil mixture. be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding the proper gasoline mixture, then add HydrotexEssentialube.

Use Hydrotex Essentialube for Lubricating Chains and Sprokets

To extend chain and sprocket life, we recommend a 50/50 mixture of approximately three (3) gallons each of Hydrotex Essentialube and Hydrotex Chain Lubricant be prepared in a suitable container. Chains and sprockets should be removed from the equipment and allowed to soak in this mixture for 12 to 48 hours. Afterward, the chains and sprockets should be removed from the mixture, wiped clean and returned to the equipment. Then they should be lubricated thoroughly with Hydrotex Chain Lubricant.

Pour or spray a generous portion of Hydrotex Essentialube over the parts you want to clean and let them sit for several minutes, or use Hydrotex Essentialube for Loosening Rust and Carbon on parts until the rust has loosened. in many cases, the rust will practically wipe off.

Use Hydrotex Essentialube for Lubricating Engine parts Prior to Assembling

To ensure proper lubrication when assembling rebuilt or reworked engines, we suggest that a 50/50 mixture of approximately two (2) gallons each of Hydrotex Essentialube and engine oil be placed in a suitable container with the parts, allowing all parts to remain in this mixture so they will be thoroughly impregnated and well lubricated with Hydrotex Essentialube prior to assembling.

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