Re-refined Engine Oils

In an absolute perfect re-refining system the product would have the qualities of a solvent refined mineral oil – the product that we replaced in our old products when we switched to HyDiamond which is pharmaceutically pure.Unfortunately for the environment and the oil industry there is no perfect re-refining system. Refining depends as much upon controlling the collection and segregation of the used oil as a raw material as the processing. There are a number of things that the re-refining process can NOT get out of the used oil collected – notice I did not say used motor oil collected.

While every effort is used to segregate the various used oils:
motor oil
hydraulic fluid
gear oil
cutting oils, etc…

the segregation is never perfect. Even though the used oil streams are tested (certainly not true ASTM testing) before they are accepted a lot of other things are added to used oil by people to get rid of some very hazardous things, like pesticides, oil based paints, etc., without having to pay for their proper disposal.

The re-refining process does not eliminate things like pesticides.

The re-refining process does not eliminate chlorine, some sulfur phosphorus gear oil compounds, etc.

The re-refining process does not eliminate naphthenic base oils (low VI) that are found in ATFs, some hydraulic fluids, power steering oil, and cutting fluids – therefore the Viscosity Index (VI) of the re-refined oil never approaches 95 to 100 VI.

The re-refining process does not eliminate aromatics – so they have poor volatility. In fact re-refined base oils will never be used to meet the new passenger car motor oil specification GF-3 (API SK) for SAE 5W-30 because of their poor volatility.

The re-refining process doe not eliminate viscosity modifier polymers from the collection of multi-graded motor oils (SAE 10W-30). In fact these polymers are degraded in the re-refining process and lose some of their good properties. These remaining polymers can degrade when used again to form high temperature deposits in the piston ring belt area.

For the above reasons – to call rerefined oils “pure” should not be allowed.

Lubricants made with rerefined oils do not have very good oxidation stability – if used for engine oils they MUST be changed every 3,000 miles or sooner.

Hydraulic fluids using rerefined base oils typically have a ASTM D-943 oxidation life of less than 1500 hours.

Rerefined lubricants only meet the minimun specifications for lubricants.

The US Department of Defense will not allow the use of rerefined lubricants in any Tactical Vehicle for very good reasons.

If you need more information, please give me a call.

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